One of the most important activities of the Nashville Cordell Hull Chapter, the national United Nations Association-USA and the UN Foundation is advocacy.

Members are encouraged to stay informed of issues that affect the relationship between the UN and the United States. Members are also encouraged to take action. Contact your friends and the media to raise awareness. Contact your members of Congress to ask for actions that enhance international cooperation, human rights and peaceful resolution of conflict.

The UNA-USA Advocacy Agency seeks to strengthen US government policy on four issues, including: (1) securing UN funding; (2) upholding the UN’s role in advancing human rights; (3) promoting ratification of key international treaties; and (4) supporting the Millennium Development Goals and Sustainable Development Goals.

Among other key international treaties that the United States has not yet ratified are the following:

    • Keep Informed
    • Take Action
    • Make use of Advocacy Resources
    • Sign up for E-Action Alerts
      Once you sign up, you’ll receive an e-mail when your help is needed in support of cooperative global solutions and a strong U.S.-UN partnership. UNA-USA will explain the urgency and importance of the issue at hand, and provide you with a sample letter that you can edit and send to your legislators and key policymakers in just a few minutes of your time.