Ancient and Modern Ethiopia

James Quirin, Ph.D. and Wilma Quirin

United Nations Association Seminar
Nashville Cordell Hull Chapter

February 17, 2011
4:30 p.m.
Green Hills Public Library
3701 Benthan Ave.
Nashville, TN

Dr. and Mrs. Quirin will share their perspectives on this historically significant nation in the Horn of Africa.  The Quirins last returned to Ethiopia in 2009.  Dr. Quirin is the author of a book and many articles on Ethiopian history, with a focus on the history of Ethiopian Jews and other socio-ethnic groups.  He has made his home in Ethiopia twice including a teaching stint as a Peace Corps volunteer.  Dr. Quirin has taught African, World and European history at Fisk University since 1981, in addition to several semesters in the 1990s when he taught about the contemporary Horn of Africa at Vanderbilt University in the 1990s.  Wilma Quirin is a marketing specialist for the U.S. Community Credit Union.  Dr. Quirin is a former president of the Nashville Chapter of the United Nations Association.