Haiti’s Past and the Present, After the Earthquake

Dr. W. Frank Robinson and Mike DuBose, Photojournalist

United Nations Association Seminar
Nashville Cordell Hull Chapter

Thursday, May 27, 2010
Green Hills Public Library
3701 Benthan Ave.
Nashville, TN

Dr. W. Frank Robinson, associate professor of history at Vanderbilt University and Associate Director of Vanderbilt’s Center for Latin American Studies will provide perspective on Haiti in a presentation called ”From Toussaint to Aristide: Contours of the Haitian Past.”

Mike DuBose will present compelling photographs from his trip to the island nation immediately following the Haitian earthquake earlier this year.  DuBose, a photojournalist for the United Methodist News Service, spent 10 days in Haiti documenting the disaster and relief efforts immediately after the earthquake.

The two men are teaming up to provide insights into how Haiti’s turbulent past has affected the current situation and a firsthand perspective on the nation’s continuing emergency.

Mr. Robinson will focus on some of the salient themes and compelling moments in Haitian history focusing on the legacies of the Haitian Revolution and the Duvalier dynasty. He is an historian of Latin America and the Caribbean with interests in twentieth century political and social movements, nationalism and populism and the Caribbean Diaspora communities. Mr. Robinson teaches courses in Latin American and Caribbean history.

Mr. Robinson holds a Ph.D. from Auburn University and an M.A. from the University of Florida where he specialized in African area studies and Latin American history. He completed his undergraduate studies at Johns Hopkins University.

Mr. DuBose has been a staff photojournalist for the UMC news agency since 1995. On his assignments, he has traveled to three dozen countries and most of the 50 states. Prior to working for the UMC, he was a daily newspaper photographer at The Tennessean and the Knoxville News-Sentinel. A native of Oak Ridge, he holds a journalism degree fro the University of Tennessee, Knoxville and a master’s degree in photography from Ohio University.