June 15, 2011

Register for University of North Carolina’s Model UN

Colleges and universities are invited to University of North Carolina Chapel Hills’ second annual college Model UN conference, MUNC.  The conference will be held February 3-5, 2012 on the Chapel Hill campus.  Priority registration for the conference has opened.  Early registration (June-August) is $25 per delegate and $50 per delegation.  Regular registration (September-January) is $30 per delegate and $60 per delegation.

Registration ends January 20, 2012. Please make checks out to UNC United Nations Organization. Please send checks to:
ATTN: United Nations Organization 
UNC Chapel Hill 
FPG Student Union, Box 188
Chapel Hill, NC 27599

These fees cover the cost of the venue, supplies, and operating expenses for the conference.  Lodging and transportation costs are not included.

For more information, go to