Reconciliation in Rwanda: Healing a Nation Through Forgiveness

Thursday, April 4 at 6:00 pm

Belmont United Methodist Church
2007 Acklen Avenue, 37212
Main Building, Room 124

Speakers: Matthew and Ellen Haber

The Habers are teachers who traveled to Rwanda, exploring reconciliation efforts as support for Matthew Haber’s class “Social Conscience” at The University School of Nashville. This class examines why good people do evil things. Rwanda, located in central Africa, was the site of the 1994 genocide, where over 800, 000 people were murdered by former friends and neighbors over the course of a hundred days. Rwanda’s recovery since that country’s 1994 genocide defies logic and expectations. Today survivors and murderers live together, sometimes literally, in apparent reconciliation.

This seminar is free and open to the public. To learn more about the Rwandan genocide, consider reading An Ordinary Man by Paul Rusesabagina or watch the movie Hotel Rwanda inspired by the book.