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Cyber School Bus: This is a UN global teaching and learning project.  Lesson plans are free to download.

Databases at the United Nations:  This site contains the databases for official documents, treaties, declarations and legislative sources, UN action against terrorism, UN Members, mandates, terminology, multimedia, civil society, climate change, human rights issues, humanitarian issues, non-governmental organizations, statistical data, conferences and events, partnerships and the UN Archives online.


Employment at the United Nations:  Information on UN job openings, competitive examinations, the associate experts program and internships is published here.

Information Centres of the UN:  The United Nations currently operates a network of 63 Information Centres throughout the world.

Internships at the United Nations:  The United Nations provides opportunities for students enrolled in a graduate program to undertake an internship at its Headquarters in New York, Geneva, Vienna, Nairobi, Addis Ababa, Bangkok, Beirut and Santiago.

Library (Dag Hammarskjold Library):  The Dag Hammarskjold Library has an extensive catalogue of documents, proceedings, journals, books and other material relevant to the work of the United Nations.

Maps: More than 100 official maps are available in addition to Mission maps that show the latest deployment of UN troops and political operations.

Map of UN Offices around the world

Model UN (Global): Since 2009, the United Nations Department of Public Information has organized a Global Model United Nations Conference, each time in a different country with a different theme. University students, ages 18 to 24 at the time of the conference, are invited from Member States where Model United Nations programmes are currently organized. Participation and preparation build leadership and problem-solving skills and encourage consensus-building, conflict resolution and cooperation.

News Centre:  News, latest statements, briefing highlights, briefing transcripts and speeches of the Secretary-General as accessible here, as well as UN Radio, UN TV, webcasts and photos.

NGLS: The United Nations Non-Governmental Liaison Service (UN-NGLS) is an inter-agency programme of the United Nations that promotes constructive relations between the United Nations and civil society organizations. It publishes Guides on the UN System, Booklets and a Newsletter (Go-Between).

Publications:  All United Nations publications are available through this site.

Statistics (UN): The Statistics Division of the United Nations Secretariat  is responsible for collecting, processing and disseminating statistical information for the United Nations. It regularly publishes international trade statistics, the Statistical Yearbook, the Demographic Yearbook, and other publications, such as the 2010 World’s Women:  Trends and Statistics and the reports on national implementation of the Millennium Development Goals.

The UN Chronicle:  The UN Chronicle is a quarterly publication of the Outreach Division of the United Nations Department of Public Information, reporting on issues such as human rights, economic development, peacekeeping, health, refugees, programs and activities of the UN and regional issues.

Other UN And UN System Publications

This is a selected list. For information on publications from UN System organizations not included here, go directly to the organization website.

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations: More than 300 titles per year are published — usually in multiple language versions — on topics such as hunger and food security, commodity markets, climate change, nutrition, fisheries, forests, rural livelihoods and much more.

Global Goals: The successor to the Millennium Development Goals, the Global Goals (also knowns as the Sustainable Development Goals) are 17 goals that were adopted by the UN in September 2015. They represent the world’s commitment to the challenges of human security, prosperity, and the well-being of the environment.

Human Development Report:  This report, prepared by UNDP, features the Human Development Index.  Every report presents agenda-setting data and analysis and calls international attention to issues and policy options that put people at the center of strategies to meet the challenges of development.  Each annual report features a particular development theme. Over the years, these have included economic reforms and public finance, environment, gender, governance, health and HIV, human security, knowledge and culture, MDGs and cooperation, poverty and inequality and societal groups and social inclusion.

International Maritime Organization Magazine: IMO, a United Nations system organization, publishes information on maritime safety and preventing pollution from ships.

Millennium Development Goals Reports: These annual reports present the most comprehensive global assessment of progress to date, based on data provided by a large number of international organizations within and outside the United Nations system. The aggregate figures in the report provide an overview of regional progress under the eight goals and are a convenient way to track advances over time. The report is coordinated and published by the Statistics Division of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs.

Millennium Development Goals
:  What Will It Take to Achieve the Millennium Development Goals?  An International Assessment. This is a report by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) which identifies eight concrete action points to accelerate and sustain development progress over the next five years. These action points are based on UNDP’s experience in 50 countries.

UNESCO:  The UNESCO Courier is an online magazine in newsletter format that publishes articles, interviews and special features.  Its mission is to promote UNESCO’s ideals, maintain a platform for the dialogue between cultures and provide a forum for international debate.

UNHCR Publications:  UNHCR publishes a wide range of materials for diverse audiences, ranging from basic documents such as the 1951 Refugee Convention to refugee and international law reports and research and evaluation papers. The agency’s worldwide operations are covered in the two flagship annual publications – The Global Appeal and Global Report.

UNICEF:  UNICEF publications available at this site include the annual State of the World’s Children, Progress for Children, Humanitarian Action Reports, and other reports on such issues as Children and AIDS, Maternal Nutrition, and Gender Quality in Education.

World Health Organization:  Available here are “key publications”, such as The World Health Report, World Health Statistics, International Travel and Health, International Health Regulations, The International Classification of Diseases and International Pharmacopoeia.  Six journals are also available, including the Bulletin of the World Health Organization, Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal, Pan American Journal of Public Health, Western Pacific Surveillance and Response, Weekly Epidemiological Record and WHO Drug Information.

World Meteorological Organization Bulletin:  Published since 1952, the Bulletin includes articles on the applications of meteorology, hydrology, climatology and, more recently, environmental concerns. A recent innovation, for example, in July 2000, was the launch of a new, occasional series on women in meteorology and operational hydrology.

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