Student Alliance

The Chapter’s Education Committee is launching a program for students in middle school, high school and university who are seeking ways to contribute to the achievement of the United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals, as well as network with community and global leaders, and gain experience in non-profit development and leadership in support of the UN goals. We feel that it is crucial that young leaders are provided with opportunities to increase awareness in international affairs and familiarize themselves with the United Nations as a means for promoting international peace and diplomatic cooperation.

The UNA-USA’s action-oriented, member-focused Student Alliance program offers students this opportunity.

The Student Alliance seeks to engage students in a nationwide network of motivated individuals, student advocacy groups, international affairs clubs, and Model UN teams who stand poised to collectively sound their voices and make their opinions heard amongst their peers, in their communities, across the nation and around the world!

The Student Alliance’s four main focus areas include:

  • Human Rights and International Justice
  • Building International Consensus on Climate Change
  • Millennium Development Goals and
  • Strengthening the United Nations.

You can

To start your own group, the basic requirements are only 10 or more members, a president and treasurer, a faculty advisor if at the middle school or high school levels and at least one focus area.

Resources for educators and students

  • Contact Us

    Let the UNA Nashville Cordell Hull Chapter know if you are interested in starting your own group locally or joining a group. Send an email to with your name, school, class level, contact information and interests relative to the United Nations. Tell us what you would like to gain from joining or creating a Student Alliance and whether or not you have any prior related experience.